6 Buying Tips To Consider Before Joining The Onesies Craze

Clothes in which a T-shirt is combined with shorts are a summer version for an infant. There are fasteners at the bottom for easy diaper replacement. Also, parents buy baby’s outfits for fashion, and not just for comfort. Know more what kinds of clothes your baby needs.


So called semi-onesies or adult onesies with the closed trousers, but completely open hands which put on the kids beginning to creep. Sliders close the back and tummy of the baby and at the same time does not put pressure on a very sensitive area in the navel. Fasteners in the sliders are on the shoulders, many manufacturers produce sliders with fasteners from the bottom, so that you can quickly and conveniently change the diaper. Semi-onesies go well with any blouses. For warm weather, children’s clothing manufacturers produce cotton sliders, for cold ones from wool. You can find many onesies at kigurumi.co.


For newborns, pants are sewn with a wide elastic rubber band that does not press on the sensitive belly. If it still leaves traces on the skin, then you need to buy pants for a size larger. It is best to combine them with the body so that your back does not become bare. Pants are open or closed. Some manufacturers sew in the heel gum, fixing the leg on the leg of the child.


A button down shirt with a collar buttoned or buttoned. She is dressed on top of baby clothes with sliders or pants. For a baby, it is recommended to purchase a blouse with a fastener along the entire length in front or side. This clasp facilitates dressing the child, without causing him too much anxiety. He is put on the unbuttoned unfolded blouse, put his hands in his sleeves and fasten buttons or buttons. Blouse for very small sewn from cotton with fleece or merino wool.

For kids a little older and more produce onesies with a clasp on the shoulder. Thanks to the large neck, the baby’s head easily passes through it. Such blouses are sewn of fine wool or different types of cotton.


Newborn baby tights will cause a lot of concern: they are uncomfortable to wear because they fit tightly to the leg. But since the age of ten months, many mothers choose tights together with pants as the bottom outfit for the baby, since they can be quickly put on and taken off when the child asks for a pot.


These are knitted or knitted baby socks that look like baby shoes. Booties are made with or without insulation. The body of the newborn is hardest to keep warm in the legs. Booties and socks not only warm the legs, but also fix too much onesies or sliders at the bottom. When the baby begins to learn to walk, booties should be replaced with shoes with a hard sole. So if you want to try giving onesie gift to moms, better take into consideration whether the baby knows how to walk or not.

Scratching gloves

So called light household mittens without compartments for the thumb. They are put on the hands of babies who can scratch themselves with their marigolds. Therefore, gloves are also called scratches. They can subside from the hands of the baby, so it makes sense to buy a onesies or body with closed or closed sleeves. Scratches will be useful in those rare cases when I really liked some sort of sleeveless clothing.


Head dress with ties under the chin or without them. The cap protects the baby’s head from overheating, hypothermia, high humidity or dryness, as well as from noise. Housing and a warm hat caps sewn from lightweight jersey, cotton, silk, wool, cotton and wool, but there are warmer for outdoor activities.

Popular fabrics for children’s clothes

Clothing for babies should hold the air, keep warm, be soft and not irritate the skin of the child. As underwear, it is recommended to purchase items from natural fabrics, and outerwear should be made from multifunctional synthetics. Also, the design of these fabrics should be cute, just like the popular raspberry onesies found online.

See and read this article from Wellness Mama talking about organic fabric for babies.


This is the main material from which to sew clothes for kids. Cotton is cheap and has durable, heat resistant, soft, easily dyed fiber. Woven cotton cloth is used for sewing vests, diapers and bed linen for children. It has the benefit of onesie making bedtime easier for kids. From knitwear sew onesies, body and other items of clothing for the baby described above. But this material is also different because of the different ways of weaving. Knitwear is tight or thin, warm or light, with a nap, with or without a pile. In the production of children’s clothing from knitwear, four methods of weaving are mainly used velor, footer, interlock, cooler.

Velor is tight jersey with a thick soft pile. Often, in order to increase wear resistance and elasticity, about twenty percent of polyester is added to it. Therefore, things from velor are suitable for the second layer of clothing and they are put on top of underwear.

Footer is tight knitwear with a smooth face and a fluff on the back. Winter onesie clothes are sewn from it: warm sliders, body onesies. The footer is very durable, warm and keeps its shape well.

Interlock is the most popular and versatile knitwear for sewing clothes for babies. Due to the double weaving and the same back and front sides, the interlock is very durable, resilient and does not stretch. The clothes are soft, warm and comfortable.

The cooler or tiller surface is lightweight, thin and durable knitwear for summer. Culinary material breathes well and lets air through. Lycra is often added to it, because by itself it does not stretch well. Kulir is openwork, smooth and textured with a picture. The reverse side has stripes, and the front side is flat and smooth.


Natural fabric, from which they do not sew clothes for newborns, but it can be found in summer dresses and shirts for babies. Flax is stronger than cotton, absorbs moisture better and conducts air and heat. But linen fabric is poorly stretched and heavily wrinkled, which is why it is impractical to sew onesiess and body out of it.


Warm, lightweight natural fabric does not wrinkle and allows air to flow well. Wool often sews clothes for newborns. But its minuses remain prickly to the touch and in rare cases it can cause allergies. It is better to wear wool pants, sweaters, and onesies from above on knitted underwear.


For kids who are allergic to natural wool, children’s clothing manufacturers have come up with synthetic wool fleece. It is made of polyester microfibers, which by their characteristics are not inferior to wool. Fleece is soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, which is easy to care for. All outerwear for babies is also sewn from synthetic fabrics that have windproof and water repellent capabilities.

Now that you know the characteristics of a good cloth for babies, you should now be confident on giving onesies as gifts.