Leather Bracelets: The new fashion sensation

Fashionable decoration can not only become the final touch of the image, but also its bright accent. Want to be trendy and look stylish? Then get a leather bracelet and learn how to wear it correctly.

Leather Bracelet Features

Leather bracelets that have remained in trend for the past few seasons have been used for a long time: for example, they were worn by Indian tribes. Such material has always been one of the most affordable, because people hunt and, accordingly, use the skins of animals from the most ancient times. The skin has a natural origin and looks stylish and noble in almost all manifestations.

Leather bracelet is a solid advantage:

  • Affordable price. Leather bracelets are much cheaper than gold and even silver.
  • This is a natural and noble material.
  • The skin rarely causes allergic reactions, which is important during prolonged contact with the skin.
  • Such jewelry looks stylish and fashionable.
  • Bracelets are universal, almost no age restrictions. And then there are models for both women and men.
  • You can choose the right option for any style.
  • The skin is pleasant to the touch and almost immediately heats up to body temperature, which provides comfort when wearing a bracelet.
  • If you wish, you can make an exclusive and original decoration with your own hands.

What are bracelets for women?

Women’s bracelets can be very diverse:

The thin leather lace will emphasize elegance of a female wrist and will not be allocated and be evident. Such decoration looks cute and gentle. However, it is not that durable compared to the durability of bangle bracelets.

Braided models are made by interlacing individual leather strips of the same or different colors. Thickness and shape depend on the method of weaving. Wide bracelets is in the form of strips or whole canvases, covering the entire wrist and part of the forearm.

A multi-layer bracelet may consist of several elements fixed at the ends and located next to each other. Bracelets with pendants look interesting. It can be runic, ethnic or Slavic symbols, zodiac signs, animals, insects and sea creatures, figures of famous characters, flowers, infinity signs or various pendants. Fringe or leather tassels will bring something cowboy into the image, associated with freedom and the Wild West. Wide bracelets are often decorated with rhinestones, semi-precious, artificial or precious stones, metal plates, beads. In trend inserts from different materials: fur, suede, fabrics.

You can play on the contrast and refresh the feminine image of a certain brutality by choosing a leather bracelet with spikes or rivets. On the female hand will look gracefully bracelet, several times wrapped around the wrist. A bracelet of considerable width can be tied to the lacing.

Men’s Bracelets

Men’s leather bracelets are no less popular than women’s ones and they are worn by successful and self-confident members of the stronger sex and these are the bracelets popularly worn by celebrities. Consider a few fashion options:

  • A simple and laconic bracelet without frills can be successfully entered even into a business image, adding an elegant suit to it.
  • Braided bracelet is also quite suitable for a man.
  • The lace will remain almost imperceptible, but for a man’s hand you need to find a suitable diameter so that the decoration is not lost.

There are male models of bracelets with pendants in the form of soldiers’ tokens, anchors, Celtic symbols, runes, signs of the zodiac, animals (dragons, lions, snakes, dogs, and bulls), and hieroglyphs. Men’s leather bracelet can be decorated with metal plates, simple wooden beads, studs, eyelets, buckles, rivets

Variety of colors

Fashionable leather bracelets can have not only classic colors, but any other. If you still prefer the classics, then pay attention to the brown, beige, black or red skin. And if you want to buy a stylish and bright decoration, then do not limit yourself in the choice of shades. You can and should allow yourself saturated or, on the contrary, romantic and gentle tones: red, blue, yellow, pink, blue, terracotta, purple, peach, green and many others.

We select a bracelet according to the style

When choosing a leather bracelet, consider your style. Concise thin models will fit into business. Complicated weaving will complement the free street style casual. Leather cords perfectly complement the direction of military, and models with spikes and rivets – rock and punk. A wide bracelet will harmoniously look in a set, designed in boho and hippie styles. And for a glamorous image is to choose the option with a luxurious decor.

We create stylish images

How to wear leather bracelets? First of all, such a decoration should complement the image, so choose an option that will organically fit into the set and will be combined with clothes. If this rule is neglected, an effect of disharmony will be created, and you will look ridiculous.

You can wear leather bracelets in different ways:

Try to wear several leather jewelry at the same time. But if they are multicolored, then carefully select the combination of tones to make the set look harmonious and stylish. The leather bracelet will complement the laconic wrist watches and will become a kind of fashionable continuation of their strap. You can wear a leather jewelry with the other, made from simple beads, metal plates or links. You can safely wear bracelets on two hands, without fear of overloading the image. But at the same time other decorations on the wrists should not be.

In summer, wear a bracelet on your leg.

Correctly picked up and worn leather bracelet is a real trend of the last seasons and a stylish decoration!

It is worth paying attention to the size of the product. That is, you must decide which bracelet to choose: thin or wide. Women, as it is known, most often choose thin bracelets with a large number of decorative elements.

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