You Are Not Alone: Helping Moms Know the Right Community for Them

Motherhood is a very rewarding venture for those who want it, but it can also be a challenging one. Mothers often need support groups. These can be urban, suburban, and rural communities for mothers that offer support to all our sisters who need it. 


There are different types of communities, and we will mention the main ones. But, you can always use social media or Google to find many other moms’ groups or local groups for mothers in your area. 

Communities for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is viewed as a necessary part of raising a child. However, not every woman can breastfeed. This may cause some mothers to feel like they are missing out on something. On the other hand, women who can breastfeed may feel as if they are not allowed to do so in public due to public social constructs. This is also a major problem. So women in both camps might need a supportive community to help them realize someone has their back. 

One can organize the right communities for mothers of any kind. However, there are many great ones out there already that offer support, such as the St. Joseph County Breastfeeding on 325 N. Lafayette Blvd. South Bend, IN. You can give Jo a call at 574 647 2296 for more information if you are in the USA. 

Communities for Single Moms

Being a single mother or father is no easy task. Babies take up a lot of time and energy. Sometimes you may forget the point of having them. This is a normal feeling which many parents (even those with partners) can experience. But, being a single parent is often viewed as being a lot more difficult since there is not a single person to help you carry the load.


Parents can be single due to a divorce or deceased or abusive partner, or because they were never married. Luckily, parental communities not only offer support but can also give advice that can help with raising the children. A great community to check out (if you are a single mother or father) is Parents Without Partners. They have locations nationwide, and you can call them at 1-800-637-7974 to find the one closest to you.          

Communities for Moms With Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is something that many mothers experience after giving birth. It is when they feel depressed to the point of not looking after themselves, let alone their children. It is a very dangerous state of being for all parties involved. 

There is no exact reasoning as to why this problem arises. It could be that the mother’s whole world, body, focus, level of responsibility has seriously changed. Some people cannot handle that. That is why you must speak to a professional if you notice any symptoms. 


A community can also offer you support, encouragement, answer your questions, and put you back on track. Postpartum Support International is one such community. They have locations worldwide which include: 

  • Zimbabwe 
  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
  • Hungary
  • Israel 

You can check out their site at or use their hotline at 1 800 944 4773 to talk to someone. 

Communities for Teenage Moms

Teenagers go through a lot of changes, both physically and mentally. Add a baby to the mix, and everything becomes even more chaotic. That is why it is wise to find a community that supports and helps out teenage moms. These are girls that are often still in high school and trying to find themselves and their role in the world. It is not an easy task, and with the responsibility of a child thrown in, it is even more difficult. 


However, many communities target teenage moms to help them learn how to raise their children, as well as themselves. Also, while giving support, advice, and an ear to talk to. Such a place is the Adolescent Parenting Program at 851 Case St. Hendersonville, NC. Their number is 828 698 0674.

Communities for Moms With Kids That Need Special Treatment

One of the scariest things that a mother can experience is when their baby is sick. This is also the case when they have special needs and need special treatment. It is tough on them and their parents. Luckily, The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) team provides hope, services, advice, and grief support. Their office is on 51 Water Street, Suite 206, Watertown, MA, and you can reach them at 617 393 3824. 

Communities for Moms With Complications

Sometimes, poor health or mental illnesses get in the way of good parenting, and mothers need the support of fellow women to help them out — usually, someone to talk to or to be listened to or to get advice and guidance. 

If you are in this situation, you can check out Parents Helping Parents. Their office is at 108 Water St Watertown, MA, and you can call them at 617 926 5008. 


This is a virtual support group so parents can be free to talk about their issues without judgment. Visit their site at 


But, if you require therapy or medical attention, then you must go to a professional. A support group is not a cure-all. 

Final Note 

These are only some of the support groups for mothers that we have found. There are many more in urban areas, rural areas, and maybe even in the suburban community that you may live in. Therefore, have a search around and find the best one for you and your children. Good luck, and keep in mind that you are not alone.