I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your review of meori’s shopper bundle with your readers! So glad you are loving it. It was a pleasure working with you-I hope we can work together again soon.

-Kerrilynn L


She does a great job with this blog. If you are a parent with little ones, I would highly recommend giving her site a visit. There are plenty of great ideas for things to do and places to see in the valley. Plus she is an awesome human! So if you do anything, pay a visit for her.

-Hely K


A creative spirit. An energetic whirlwind of ideas. And always ready to jump in to share her thoughts. These are just a few of her traits that showcase her generous and helpful attitude, without asking for anything in return. Love her sense of reality and gumption to take on anything and everything! She’s willing to put herself out there and experience the humor of life when things don’t quite go as planned. Never fear, she’s got a Plan B to fall back on. And maybe a Plan C.

She has been a constant lifestyle blogging force on SpouseLink for a while now and her posts generate great response for us — which is fantastic. Beyond that, we are occasionally contacted by outside businesses that have read her posts and would like us to incorporate one of their links into her posts. Why? Because they like something she’s said and want to capitalize on it themselves. Way to go! Her attitude is like sunshine. Her dedication is clear. And her inspiration is endless. Thank you for all you do!



She is not only a pleasure to work with, but a pleasure to have her kids and her in my Tinkergarten class. She is quick to respond, fair in her reviews and so helpful for local families not only in Surprise, but all over the valley. I have followed her blog long before I became a Tinkergarten leader. It is my personal go-to when I am trying to find a park, splash pad, or local events. She its very thorough in her reviews and takes her blog and the advice she provides very seriously. She has helped me enroll so many explorers to my class. I have not only build a business partnership with her, but a friendship as well. I recommend her blog to anyone who lives in our area with kids.

Marissa H


This is such an incredible site for not only those living in Surprise, but also Phoenix metro in general. She and I have worked together several times with many of my event and restaurant clients and each time she has made the experience easy, fun and beneficial to those she is reviewing!

-Liz R